Today we are going to talk about playing the starting hole on the Sand Course here at Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club.  At 536 yards from the white tees this par 5 is great challenge for players of all ages and abilities.  It is not the yardage that is hard, although at 536, most players will not reach the green in two shots.  The layout of the hole presents much more of a task than the length does.  The landing area off the tee is quite narrow and water comes into play along most of the left-hand side of the hole all the way to the green.  It really is a good par 5.

Even though this is a par 5, players may want to consider less than driver off the tee.  There is water that creeps into the fairway from the left in the landing area as well as trees on the right side.  It is a three shot hole for most players anyway, so be smart off the tee.  Now players need to decide a yardage that they want to lay up to. The preferred angle to go into the green is from the right-hand side of the fairway.   The green is more open to approach shots from that angle, plus it takes the away the chance of hitting the ball into the trees on the left side.

Looking down to the putting surface for the approach shot, players should have a wedge or at worst as short iron in their hand.  Find the pin location and go for it.  This is what we call a “green light special”.  Put a confident swing on the ball and get it onto the surface and birdie becomes a possibility.  The green is fairly flat and very receptive to wedge shots.

This par 5 is a great hole to play!  There are a few ways to attack it based on the players skill level, but we feel most golfers can be successful if they play it like we just suggested.  Come on out and give it a try.  Call the golf shop at (910) 579–9120 or click on the Tee TImes tab at the top of the page.

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