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Saturday May 7, 2022 10:14 AM
The Special Meeting to discuss replacement officers after the untimely death of President Coulson was called to order by Treasurer JJ Whalen at 12:24pm. JJ indicated that he was placing the plaque for Gordy on the bench that day. He also wanted to remind us of the passing of Al Bowman a long time Rebel and member of SBMGA

There were 22 members present out of 43 paid members. The treasury has $3400.

JJ indicated that we needed to appoint a new President as well as to solicit some help for Mike Casagrande. JB suggested for the current period of time that JJ hold the office of treasurer as well as that of President. JJ indicated he was willing to do this.

Anyone willing to assist Mike Casagrande should feel free to contact him to see how they can be helpful.

In addition, we also needed to find a replacement VP for JB. John R. nominated Eric Preus who with some trepidation accepted the nomination and became the VP.

Tom de St.Aubin indicated that he thought we needed a root rule. Mike Donovan said we had one. Move ball one club length and take a penalty stroke. That was not a sufficient answer and others spoke up in favor of the idea. Luckily cooler heads prevailed and suggested that we table the motion and investigate the ramifications of creating a Root Rule since there seems to be a number of technical issues we needed to investigate. JJ will do this and report back to the membership.

The group was also reminded that any ball landing in the Environmental Hazard area on Bay 7 is ipso facto Out-Of-Bounds. Thay message is displayed on the score cards.

We hope that Members will continue supporting the SBMGA by playing in the games on Monday and Wednesday as well as participating in the occasional tournaments.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donald R. Moore Secretary Pro Tem

Posted by:  Don M

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