The 4th hole on the Sand Course is a challenging par 4 that will put golfers concentration and patience to the test.  The narrow fairway is visually intimidating and the tight approach area will test any players nerves.  At 393 yards from the white tees the yardage also can be a factor in how the hole is played.  It truly is a great test of golf and a great representative of what golf at Sandpiper Bay Golf and Country Club is all about.

From the tee box the golfers see trees on the left and right side of the fairway.  As the number 2 handicap hole on the Sand Course, the tight view off the tee is only half the challenge.  The ideal tee shot will be down the left center of the fairway.  This allows for maximum distance and best line into the green for the second shot.  Too far along the right side and there are trees that will impede the approach.

From the fairway golfers are faced with a long second shot into a green with a sand trap on the right side of the hole and trees protecting the left.  The best play is to carry the ball all the way to the center of the green.  The run up area is very narrow and is a hard target to hit.  Hybrid or long iron is the play here.  Going for the pin is not smart.  The putting surface is not that large that a play to the center of the green puts players into a position where at most they should two putt.  It is a tough shot for sure but a makeable one.

Once golfers reach the green they can see that the putting surface is not too large and the putts can be made.  As tough of a hole as No. 4 can be, the hard part is over once golfers reach the green.  If a putt can be made and a birdie or par can be what goes on the score card.  Realistically the par is the most hopeful score.  Any player that can walk off the green with a par on the card can feel really good about themselves.

To make a tee time click on the Tee Times tab on the top of the page or call 910.579.9120 and someone in the golf shop will be more than happy to help.

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