The 8th hole on the Bay Course here at Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club is a serious test of golfers nerves and skill.  It can turn a good nine into a bad score in a minute!  That being said it is a great golf hole and sets up and looks amazingly challenging from the tee box and we are going to give some tips for golfers on how to take on this tough par 4.

First of all, let’s consider what players are facing as they put the tee in the ground.  At 397 yards this hole is not too long but it isn’t short either.  In addition to the length, players have a waste area and trees to navigate on the left side of this dog-leg left tee shot.  The upside is that the fairway is wide and open, making it easier for golfers to bail out to the right and not make golfers play too close to the corner unless they are very brave.

The approach into the green is a different story from the fairway.  The fairway and run up to the putting surface narrows the closer you get to the green and trees line both sides creating a shoot-like appearance to the hole.  It can be unnerving to a player since they may have a mid-iron in their hands and looking at the narrow view to the greens.  Players need to take a deep breath and hit a solid shot at the flag.

The putting surface is long and runs from right to the back left.  Knowing where the flag is makes a big difference in club selection from the fairway.  It is important to get the ball to correct part of this long green.  Nobody wants a 50-foot birdie putt.  Those are way to hard to get close and leave a gimmie for par.  There are a few bunkers on either side of the green and short.  They are just waiting to swallow up wayward approach shots.

The players that can navigate that corner and get the ball on to the right level and part of the putting surface will have a great chance at par or even birdie.  That is what we are shooting for here!

To make a tee time click on Tee Times tab on the top of the screen or call 800.356.8527 and someone in the golf shop will be happy to help.

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